LED Square Pillar Lights

Many people may not know that this is a desk lamp or floor lamp when they first see it, which is very decorative. The light-emitting function of this product is very beautiful, when it lights up like a star, it will make the surroundings very comfortable.


Its main function is lighting and decoration, it can also make the environment comfortable through its unique shape and luminous color. This product has a remote control function, and can use the city power for charging. PE plastic shell and built-in LED light source can make your use safer.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Size square pillar

10cm*10cm*15cm, 30cm*30cm*110cm, 30cm*30cm*180cm, 30cm*30cm*190cm, 30cm*30cm*194cm, 30cm*30cm*80cm, 30cm*30cm*87cm, 33cm*33cm*43cm, 45cm*45cm*110cm, 45cm*45cm*115cm, 60cm*60cm*110cm

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