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LED Lighting Hanging Swing Chairs

Reminiscent of childhood. The swing is an indispensable memory. The color of the swing can change with the rhythm. Shaking a colorful dream. If you can let time stay on the swing… Would you like to go back to your childhood? As we grow up. The swing is also getting farther and farther away from us. Take this opportunity to play again.

LED Lighting Hanging Swing Chairs

What is LED Lighting Hanging Swing Chair?

In recent years, LED technology has been widely used as a new generation of lighting technology. LED swings are also very popular. Now let’s talk about how the LED Lighting Hanging Swing Chair is composed. The composition of the LED swing includes. Swing frame, swing seat board and iron chain. One of the differences is the LED lighting in the swing seat. It can make the swing emit different colors of light. This LED swing seat board is made by rotomolding process. So it is strong and durable.

Heart shaped LED Glow swings

Let us start with the origin of the LED swing. The Boston-based studio was commissioned by the city’s Convention Centre to create the centrepiece of a new temporary park set in an industrial area of the city. The LED swing first appeared in Lawn on D, Boston, USA. H?weler+Yoon is the inventor of LED Lighting Hanging Swing Chair. H?weler+ Yoon Architecture installed these luminous round swings. To illuminate a meadow in Boston. And encourage children to play outside the playground.

LED Lighting Hanging Swing Chairs

The head of the H? weler + Yoon design office said: “The play elements in Swing Time encourage users to interact with the swing. It energizes the city park. Create a community laboratory in the Boston Innovation District and the southern area of ??Boston .”

Lawn On D Swing

The Lawn on D Square in Boston is a contemporary sculpture park. It is next to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. And is located in the D Avenue block on the southern waterfront of the city. The Lawn on D Square is composed of two parts: a square and a lawn. It is the hub of various functions and community activities. The promenade on the square extends from D Street to the side entrance of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

LED Lighting Hanging Swing Chairs

The designer is in this artistic square. Place 20 LED-illuminated circular swings outdoors. As part of “Swing Time”. It is also the first interactive sculpture installation in Boston. Each swing of Swing Time has a specific model. Three sizes of swings were made with polypropylene welding. Suitable for all people. The swing of each swing is measured by the internal accelerometer. It can trigger the LED light system to change the color. From white to blue to purple.

For people, the lawn on D. It’s a great place to relax. Very cool at night. This LED Lighting Hanging Swing Chairs gives people an extra entertainment project. In Boston, playgrounds are no longer just for kids. Twenty LED-lit circular swings have been installed outdoors as a part of “Swing Time,” Boston’s first interactive sculpture installation. The hanging, glowing orbs are a twist on traditional rubber-and-rope swings, dangling from a minimal steel structure similar to those used in conventional playgrounds.

LED Lighting Hanging Swing Chairs

New LED Lighting Hanging Swing Chair VS Lawn On D Swing

In terms of color

“Lawn On D Swing” is composed of many illuminated ring swings. They are seven colors luminous effects produced by the movement and acceleration of the swing.

In terms of material selection

“Lawn On D Swing” is made of polypropylene welded. Products made of polypropylene are prone to dents. Not suitable for use in low-temperature environments. Not suitable for contact with copper products. It is easy to oxidize after using for a long time.

In terms of charging

“Lawn On D Swing” is solar charging method. Energy saving and environmental protection.

In terms of safety

“Lawn On D Swing” has no grip. Can only hold the outer edge of the swing. Safety performance is to be considered.

LED Lighting Hanging Swing Chairs

Do you want to experience outdoor activities back to your childhood? Do you want to decorate a restaurant, bar, and nightclub? Do you want to have a beautiful garden or a comfortable terrace? How lucky you are. LED Lighting Hanging Swing Chairs can realize your wish!

Suitable for installation in public places.

For everyone to use. Or personal buy and use. It can be applied to all kinds of people. Wide range of use. Has a good use effect. Energy-saving and environmental protection. Not easy to damage. Safe to use. It is an essential option in entertainment facilities.

LED Lighting Hanging Swing Chairs

Use in the garden

If you are a parent. I’m sure you know how important it is for children to play outdoors safely. LED Lighting Hanging Swing Chairs are stable installations. Can let your child play happily. If you live in the house. There are gardens or open spaces. That will not be a problem. You can even create your own mini-park for your children. All you need is an LED Lighting Hanging Swing Chairs.

LED Lighting Hanging Swing Chairs

Use in theme parks

Theme parks are becoming a hot spot for consumption worldwide. The impact of theme parks on the local economy is obvious. What is a theme park? Theme parks are those built for profit. Investment reached a certain scale. Have one or more specific cultural tourism themes. A park that provides tourists with paid leisure experience, cultural and entertainment products or services. So create a park with LED swing as the theme. Can promote the transformation of the tourism industry. drive the growth of economy.

LED Lighting Hanging Swing Chairs

Use in the nightclub

Put the LED Lighting Hanging Swing Chairs at the entrance of the nightclub. Can attract more people flow. You can also let customers waiting for friends at the door. There is a place to sit. Make your customers feel more intimate
Swinging can exercise human hand-eye coordination and arm muscles.

LED Lighting Hanging Swing Chairs

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